Protect employees with high lumbar constraints.

Protect employees with high lumbar constraints.

Your workstations have heavy lifting, at-risk postures or repetitive back movements causing work stoppages or accidents? Protect your workers with Japet.W.

20% of work accidents are back related.

The heavy lifting, the awkward postures and repetitive movements of the back generate fatigue, discomfort, and pain to the workers. They are the cause of 3 out of 4 back pains at work.

Gradually, these high lumbar constraining activities impact the workers’ health, affecting their abilities and well-being. Between work stoppages and accidents, the company loses performance.

The Japet.W solution aims to restore the body balance in order to protect the back and free the human abilities in companies.

The lumbar impact

The lumbar impact


The Japet.W exoskeleton reduces the impact of heavy lifting, constraining postures, and repetitiveness on the back by up to 100%, thus protecting the workers from work-related accidents and the onset of lumbar musculoskeletal disorders.

Consult the study on the impact of lumbar traction.

By decreasing the pressure on the lumbar vertebra, 75% of the exoskeleton’s users feel an instant pain relief.

See the study on lumbar pain.

The muscular impact

The muscular impact


By maintaining mobility, the Japet.W exoskeleton helps to maintain activity and prevent muscle loss in the lumbar area.

It also allows, during the handling of heavy objects, to reduce the muscle activity peaks that pose a risk of injury.

The postural impact

The postural impact


The Japet.W exoskeleton corrects the posture to increase the time spent in comfort postures.

View the posture case study.

Product Characteristics


The exoskeleton weighs less than 2 kg.


To ensure comfort, the exoskeleton is composed of an adjustable textile belt.


Certified CE medical, the exoskeleton is validated by doctors.

Your online diagnosis

You have identified a workstation with high lumbar constraints and want to make sure the exoskeleton is a relevant solution?

Our online diagnosis allows you to check in less than 5 minutes if our exoskeleton meets your needs. By measuring the biomechanical gain and quantifying the return on investment, you will be able to evaluate the results of its integration.

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