Preserving human health at work

Preserving human health at work

Are you looking to reduce back pain related work stoppages in your company? Our exoskeleton protects workers against MSD risks.

At work, we do not play with the human body.

Low back pain or back MSD is the leading cause of work stoppage and occupational disease. It affects the well-being and the workers’ ability to maintain their professional activity and has an important social and economic impact on the company.

At Japet, we combine medical sciences and modern robotics to offer you an exoskeleton together with a comprehensive integration approach.

The Japet.W solution aims to restore the body balance to free human capacities at work.

Does your company encounter problems
with back related musculoskeletal disorders?

“The Japet exoskeleton is the solution to assist workers who suffer from the back. It relieves the back while maintaining the mobility of the upper body.”

Yonnel Giovanelli
Head of Ergonomics and Organisational and Human Factors, SNCF.
Limit the impact on the spine

Limit the impact on the spine


Our exoskeleton reduces the impact on the spine of handling heavy loads, repetitive tasks and awkward postures.

Therefore, it permits to decrease the number of occupational accidents and work stoppages for low back pain.

The goal: relieving the workers’ backs and restoring the abilities of the ones suffering from low back pain to maintain employment.

Maintain mobility

Maintain mobility


Our robotic exoskeleton follows and adjusts itself in real time to the user’s movements and preserves muscle activity in the lumbar area.

Thus, the worker regains confidence in the performance of his movements.

The goal: Maintaining the workers’ mobility and preserve the initial productivity.

Limit at-risk postures

Limit at-risk postures


Our exoskeleton maintains the user’s back and limits the postures which pose a risk. It promotes the good postures and secures gestures.

The goal: Reducing the risk of injury and occupational accidents.

The impact of back pain at work


Average cost of a work interruption for low back pain in euros


Average duration of a work interruption for low back pain in months


Out of 10 employees will have a new work interruption during the year

Your online diagnosis

You have identified a workstation which poses a risk and would like to ensure that the exoskeleton is a relevant solution?

Our online diagnosis allows you to check in less than 5 minutes if our exoskeleton meets your needs. Thanks to the measuring of biomechanical gain and the calculation of the return on investment, you will be able to evaluate the results of its integration.

Wearable Medicine for work

A design guided and validated by clinicians

To ensure the health and safety of users, our exoskeleton was developed with occupational doctors, back surgeons and ergonomists. CE medical certified, its effectiveness has been tested and validated in many scientific studies.

Managing the risks of exoskeletons

A user centred development

To promote the acceptability and adaptability of the exoskeleton, we have put the user at the heart of the development process. Comfort, discretion, adaptability and usability, our innovation focuses on understanding users’ needs.

User centered design

A support for the integration

To successfully integrate an exoskeleton, it is important to implement a structured and collective approach. In order to do that, we have developed a training and follow-up protocol to support you in implementing of the exoskeleton in your company.

The keys to the integration of exoskeletons

These companies have integrated the Japet.W


“The Japet.W exoskeleton is the only credible product to fight back pain and is part of a global approach to health, safety and well-being in the workplace.”

Claude Gimenez
R&T Manufacturing Engineer and Exoskeleton Mission Manager, Airbus

“Users are conquered by the device. The exoskeleton responds to a real problem of back pain and even exceeds expectations.”

Léo Lemoine
Ergonomist at Engie Cofely Lorient and in charge of MSD prevention

“The Japet.W assists the mobility of the trunk and makes it possible to give back pleasure at work, it’s very encouraging!”

Yonnel Giovanelli
Head of the Ergonomics and Organizational and Human Factors unit at SNCF and AFNOR expert on the X35A "Ergonomics" commission.

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