Their backs deserve the best protection.

Their backs deserve the best protection.

Japet.W+ is a class IIa medical device.

The only motorized exoskeleton that protects employees' backs in all their movements.

  • Relieves pain related to low back pain
  • Limits the impact on the spine
  • Secures gestures and postures
  • Maintains mobility and muscle activity
Japet's technology relieves lower back pain.

Japet's technology relieves lower back pain.


85% of people suffering from a lumbar pathology experience a significant reduction in their lumbar pain with the Japet.W+ exoskeleton.

User satisfaction rated 8/10


Easy installation in less than 30 seconds.


Lightweight, less than 2kg.


Several sizes available to fit all body types.


Made in France in our workshop in Lille.

Use case of Japet.W+

Maintaining the employment of an employee with a disabled worker recognition

Adapting workstations for which the physical constraints are important

Protect employees from pain and accidents at work

"Users are delighted with the device. The exoskeleton answers the burden of back pain and even exceeds expectations."

Léo Lemoine
Ergonomist, ENGIE

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