Japet exoskeletons to regain balance and free the movements.

Wearable Medicine, medical technology and robotic innovation for motion

When the body fails and every movement becomes painful, current solutions lead us to limit all activities.

But with technological progress, we can no longer accept such limitations.

By combining medical sciences and modern robotics, Japet has developed Wearable Medicine to restore the body’s balance and unleash human’s capacities.

"In the hospital, at work or at home, the Japet exoskeleton has the potential to change the lives of many back sufferers".

Fahed Zairi
Fahed Zairi
Spine surgeon, Clinique Ramsay, Lille

Active Exoskeleton

The motorisation allows a total adaptability to the movements of the user.

Textile Integration

Lightweight, comfortable and not cumbersome, the textile promotes acceptability.

Medical Standards

Medical standards guarantee the quality of the product and the health benefit.

Support the people in each situation to get back on the move.

They trust us


“The exoskeleton allows me to move and stand without pain.”

Pascal Rousselot
Field technician at Engie

“There is real potential in the use of the device, whether in the hospital, at work or at home.”

Pr. Vincent Tiffreau
Head of the department of rehabilitation at the CHRU Lille

“The exoskeleton integrates multidisciplinary technologies for the benefit of the user”.

Salim Benabdallah
Salim Benabdallah
R&D Engineer at Japet

They work with us

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