Feedback on the integration – Conductix Wampfler

“The exoskeleton acts as a shock absorber, allowing the operator freedom of movement while limiting risky postures.”
Feedback from Conductix Wampfler on the integration of the Japet.W exoskeleton.


Conductix Wampfler, an industrial company specialized in the development and assembly of radio controls, has decided to integrate the Japet.W exoskeleton into its health and safety approach for logistician positions. Find out more about their experience in this article.

Commitment to safety at Conductix Wampfler?

Safety is really part of our DNA, and it’s our number one priority. When I talk about safety, I am obviously thinking about the safety of the users, but also the safety of the employees who are present on the site.

In 2019, we joined the Conductix Wampfler Group, for whom safety is the basis of the strategy, in all areas, at all of its sites, all over the world.

For 3 years now, we have continued to develop our QHSE policy with, in particular, a very strong prevention policy on musculoskeletal disorders, better known as MSD.

Conductix Wampflers action plan against MSD ?

With regard to the action plan aimed at reducing the risk of MSDs, we are focusing more particularly on the back. Our objective is twofold: to protect employees who have been working in logistics for many years and who may be at risk of back pain during handling, and also to protect our young employees from this type of illness in the long term.

What is an exoskeleton?

The exoskeleton is a device that relieves the operator during handling.

In our case, it takes the form of a motorized lumbar belt, which relieves the spine of the pressures induced by the handling of loads. It acts as a shock absorber, allowing the operator freedom of movement while limiting risky postures. It is very easy to equip oneself with it: simply place the belt around the waist, adjust the tightening and start the electronic device to adjust the level of support according to the operator.

The advantages of the exoskeleton?

It offers undeniable advantages. First, it is quick and easy to put on, so operators don’t see it as a constraint at all. Second, it offers real freedom of movement. When you use it, you’re really comfortable in it. Thirdly, the whole team can use it, we only have one device. The team uses it on certain specific phases of the day.

What to say about suppliers and partners?

There is one company that particularly stood out, in terms of their reactivity and their quality of listening. It’s a French company called Japet, which offered us equipment that really seemed to suit our needs.

The level of satisfaction?

We are satisfied with this exoskeleton, by the quality of the materials, between the foams and the finishes, and by the safety that it brings to all its users.

The exoskeleton was really adopted and integrated into the logistics team. The proof is that today it even has his own locker.



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