User feedback – Anthony Hurez, Engie Solutions

“The exoskeleton relieves my pain from working in a prolonged standing position.”
Feedback from Anthony Hurez, Operations Team Leader, Engie Solutions

Anthony Hurez, operations team manager, at Engie Solutions Valenciennes, is equipped with the Japet.W. exoskeleton. Back to its use!

What difficulties do you encounter in your job ? 

At Engie, I have to meet clients very regularly, whether it’s going directly to the field or visiting sites (industrial, tertiary sector clients and municipal buildings).

During these visits, I stand up, and when I stay in this position for too long, I get pains that appear. These pains prevent me from concentrating on my exchanges with the client and from moving around. At the end of the day, the feeling is not very pleasant.

How did you hear about Japet ? 

I heard about Japet through our “Mission handicap” and our ergonomist, Léo Lemoine (Find his interview) who is in partnership with our prevention officer. It was the disability department at Engie Solutions that suggested I try this exoskeleton.

Your impressions of the device ? 

At the beginning, I had some apprehensions, especially about the way people look at it or how to use it.

First of all, as far as people’s eyes are concerned, all you have to do is explain. I regularly go on site with the exoskeleton and, even if at the beginning it was a source of questioning, I explain it to them clearly. On the contrary, they listen to it.

The exoskeleton is very easy to use, it only takes a few seconds to install it on you. It is also very easy to transport: it has become something I carry with me all the time. And when I’m on site, I put it on just as I would put on my safety shoes.

The exoskeleton relieves the pain and irritability of working in a prolonged standing position. You enjoy your day more, and in the evening at home, you realise that you haven’t had any pain. It’s really appreciated.

A short word to conclude ? 

Then there is the simple sentence that will be: to try it is to adopt it. But more seriously, I would say it’s revolutionary. It allows you to really regain your autonomy.

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