Integrator feedback – Jérôme Gérard, Monbana

“We had recruitment issues, so we had to adapt the workstation.” 

Feedback from Jérôme Gérard, assistant production site manager at Monbana on the integration of the Japet.W.

Interview with Jérôme Gérard, assistant production manager of the Saint-Sauveur site, working at Monbana for more than 25 years. He talks about the integration and the use of the Japet.W exoskeleton.

Can you introduce yourself? 

Hello, my name is Jérôme Gérard, I am assistant manager of the Saint-Sauveur site and I have 26 years of experience at Monbana.

What was the major problem before implementing the exoskeleton?  

The problem was the back, and problems with the recruitment since this job is very physically demanding. 

What other solutions did you put in place before the exoskeletons? 

I only knew about back belts, but we didn’t have anything special. There are adapted workstations with lifting tables, but nothing more.

What led you to start using exoskeletons?

We had recruitment problems for this position and so we had to adapt the workstation. I think that it will be a global approach of the company. For example we have the position of the mixer, which is a physical work. We also wish to integrate the exoskeleton for the women, because we also used it on the packaging line and there it worked well. Why not use it more on the packaging line next year.

Why did you choose the Japet.W exoskeleton?

We chose the Japet exoskeleton because we felt that it was the most suitable solution for our workstations.

How is the exoskeleton used in your company?

It’s basically used by five people, right now, at the mixing station, as they lift daily 25-kilo bags as part of the manufacturing process. We’re also hoping to use the exoskeletons on the packaging line for women who lift 10-kilo boxes. 

What has the implementation of the exoskeleton changed for you?

The employees are less tired, they have less back problems. 

How is the exoskeleton perceived by the users?

The exoskeleton is very well perceived by the users. We take care of their health, that is currently essential. If we have new recruits, we will do exactly the same for them. 

A few words to conclude ?

We are very happy to have worked with Japet, which accompanied us very well in the domain of exoskeletons. We are very well supported and we want to continue the process in 2023 on the packaging lines. I think that this is going to be the future.

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