User feedback – Valerie Blondel, French Red Cross

“It eases pain and makes life easier!”
Feedback from Valérie Blondel on the use of the Japet.W exoskeleton.

Croix Rouge Valérie Blondel - French Red Cross


Valérie Blondel, Nursing Assistant at the MAS Famille Charles, French Red Cross, is equipped with the Japet.W exoskeleton.


What are the difficulties you encounter in your job?

I am a nursing assistant at the MAS Famille Charles. My daily work consists of taking care of the residents: their personal hygiene, breakfasts, activities and also walks.

It’s often the same repetitive movements, plus I’m not very tall, so there’s a lot of pressure on my back.

The tasks that put the most strain on my back are the transfers of the residents, for example from the nursing bed into the wheelchair. We are fortunate to be well equipped at my establishment, but there is still a lot of strain on my back.

How did the integration of the exoskeleton go?

The integration of the exoskeleton into my work environment was quick and efficient. It takes a lot of pressure off my lower back, which is extremely sore. And at the end of the shift, I am less exhausted than before.

Your impressions of the device?

It is very quick to install and uninstall. You can easily move with it, there is no problem on that side. The big advantage is that it allows me to keep a good posture at the level of the back, in the gestures that we practice every day. That way it avoids the pain and blockages.

A final word?

I recommend the exoskeleton to all nursing staff who have back pain. It eases the pain and makes life easier.


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