Integrator feedback – Rose-Marie Zborowski, French Red Cross

“The exoskeleton can allow professionals to work longer and more appropriately”.
Feedback from Rose-Marie Zborowski, Head of Service at the MAS de Lillers, Croix Rouge, on the integration of the Japet.W exoskeleton.

Retour intégrateur MAS Croix Rouge Rose marie Zborowski


A meeting with Rose-Marie Zborowski, Head of Service at the Specialized Home (MAS) de Lillers, French Red Cross.


What are the problems you encounter in your establishment?

We are a specialized home for people with multiple disabilities. We are in a case where our residents are totally dependent in all the activities of daily life and therefore require a lot of handling. We realize that over time, the health personnel suffer from Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs), especially in the back.

How have the health personnel felt about using the exoskeleton?

For people who start to suffer from back pain over the years or who handle the residents a lot during the day, it has been effective and beneficial. I think it’s beneficial for all institutions like ours, but also for EHPADs or at home. I would even say that for the home it can be even more beneficial insofar as we can have rails or adapted material, whereas at home, we really don’t have any help. For the comfort of the staff, it is important.

What do you think about the exoskeleton?

I think it is the future, well, it could be the future, of an establishment like ours. Having worked on the analysis of work accidents and in particular MSDs that we have had, I think that having a tool such as this one can allow professionals to work longer and more appropriately. In any case, more safely and without having major back problems.


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