User feedback – Mylène, Decathlon

“The exoskeleton can quickly and easily be installed and once turned on it becomes an integral part of the person.”
Feedback from Mylène, Decathlon.


Mylene decathlon

Mylène, vendor at Decathlon Roanne, had the opportunity to try the Japet.W exoskeleton.

It “changed her life” by relieving the recurrent low back pain she has suffered for over 7 years due to her work.

Could you present yourself ? 

My name is Mylene and I am working at Decathlon for 18 years.

How did you learn about Japet?

One day, while searching a lot on the internet, I saw that the company Japet existed and proposed exoskeletons to help the user keep his job and his autonomy at work.

Has it improved your life?

The Japet exoskeleton has really changed my life. I use the exoskeleton to secure my job at Decathlon, to avoid dependence, to no longer be afraid of sick leaves.

Isn’t that too restrictive?

It is an integral part of the person; it is really a friend. It takes very little time to put it on, barely a minute. To install it, we attach a belt at the bottom to position it correctly. Then, we place the Velcro of the top, then, there are pressures (editor’s note: cable winders) to tighten at the level of the size. Finally, there are buttons that will start and regulate the engines.

Did it cost you a lot?

It was Decathlon who paid for it. I want to thank Laure Cottereau from the “Mission handicap” because there were no barriers. She told me “go for it”, I found it really great.

To wrap up?

In my company many people are impacted by back pain and suffer from it.  I think that this could be a solution to not to go through what I have experienced.

Thanks to Ze 12th Player – ZTP for the realization of the video!


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