User feedback – Jean-François Craipeau, Blacksmith

“I don’t have any more pain, it has transformed my professional life and my private life.”
Feedback from Jean-François Craipeau, blacksmith.

Jean francois craipeau

Jean-François Craipeau, blacksmith, shares his experiences after a few months of using the exoskeleton.

He explains the difficulties of the job for the back, “the professional life of a farrier is about 20 years” and the impact of the exoskeleton in his daily life “I no longer have pain, it has transformed my professional life but also my private life”.

What are the difficulties in this job?

I started this activity in 1998. In France, the professional life of a blacksmith is about 20 years. The postures are very awkward for the lumbar region also because in France, we practice English-style shoeing. In this scenario the blacksmith does not have a foot holder, he holds the feet himself and also does the shoeing.

How long have you been using the exoskeleton?

I’ve been using the exoskeleton daily at work for a few months now, and I think it’s revolutionary.

What difference does it make in your life?

I don’t have back pain anymore, it’s over. It has transformed my professional life but also my private life.

It is not too constraining?

It’s not bulky, it’s a product that’s close to the body and reacts to all your movements, so there’s no problem.

A little word to wrap up?

To conclude, if you want to work in comfort and well-being, this is an excellent solution.


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