Japet Exoskeleton. C, return to an active life without pain.

Japet Exoskeleton. C, return to an active life without pain.

You suffer from pain in your daily activities? Regain freedom of movement without pain thanks to the new generation of lumbar orthosis: Japet. C


Fighting low back pain with Japet.C

Back pain is one of the leading causes of social and professional isolation. It becomes central in everyday life, limits activities and impacts well-being.

At Japet, we combine medical science and cutting-edge innovation to support your active life.

The Japet.C solution aims to restore the body balance, and free your abilities.

"It's a real pleasure, I wouldn't be able to do what I do today without the exoskeleton."

Pascal Rousselot
Pascal Rousselot
User Japet.C
Relieve pain

Relieve pain


Cooking, tinkering or working… These daily activities are difficult to carry out when low back pain sets in.

Japet.C has been clinically tested and 75% of users feel immediate pain relief when using the orthosis.

The goal: to relieve your pain on a daily basis.

Stay active

Stay active


Japet. C supports without constraining you. Thanks to its patented technology, it adapts to your movements and supports your lumbar vertebra, allowing you to resume an active life without pain.

The objective: to adapt to your movements.

Regain confidence

Regain confidence


Low back pain affects your morale and abilities, you feel diminished.

Thanks to Japet.C you perform your daily activities without pain and regain confidence in your abilities.

The goal: Regain your abilities

"In the hospital, at work or at home, the Japet exoskeleton has the potential to change the lives of many people who suffer from back pain."

Spine surgeon

How does the Japet.C orthosis work?

Japet. C recreates the relief felt when lying down. Equipped with micromotors that release the weight off of the spine and recreate ambulatory traction, it provides immediate relief from the pain caused by compression of the nerve root.

Its built-in technology allows it to adapt instantly and without resistance to your movements in order not to hinder your activities.

Product features


The orthosis weighs less than 2 kg.


To ensure comfort, the orthosis is composed of an adjustable textile belt.


Clinically proven, the orthosis is validated by doctors.

You are interested in Japet.C?

Indication – It is indicated for patients suffering from chronic low back pain who wish to maintain or resume socio-professional activity. It is suitable for daily use at home or at work.

Availability – The Japet. C orthesis will be available in 2024 for patients in France and Europe

Pionnier – You want to try new technologies and push forward your activity?

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