Study result – Impact of the Japet.W exoskeleton on back pain

Results of the study on the impact of the Japet.W exoskeleton on low back pain in real working conditions carried out at the SNCF.

The Context

A study was carried out to assess the impact of the Japet.W exoskeleton on chronic low back pain or chronic lower back pain in the workplace.

The approach

The study was carried out under real working conditions with 8 operators working in various positions at the SNCF Technicentre in Hellemmes, FR.

The evaluation is performed daily for a week and based for a maximum 2 consecutive hours and 4 hours per day. Each day, their pain level was collected through the Analogue Visual Scale (AVS).

Visuel-SNCF / Back pain

The benefits

For some users, the usual increase in pain during the week is stopped and maintained at a level of discomfort For others, the pain level decreases to an AVS of 0 when the exoskeleton is worn regularly.

For 75% of operators, the daily use of the Japet.W exoskeleton reduces pain and decreases lumbar fatigue and irritability.

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